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CE Stats


A recent CEA study found that American adults spend an average of $1,200 on their gadgets every year. The top five consumer electronics growth sectors are DVRs, network routers or hubs, MP3 players, cable modems and digital cameras.

My question, and maybe it’s answered in the full report as opposed to the press release, is where are these CE devices coming from? Are consumers buying them in retail or getting them from service providers? The inclusion of cable modems makes me think the latter. Certainly cable modems sell at retail, but a huge number of them go through the operator channel.

As CEA analyst Elena Caudle points out, it’s interesting that two of the top five growth categories are home networking products. And I’d argue that DVRs can serve the same purpose, as seen with Verizon’s Home Media DVR service. (The technology behind the Verizon service is Motorola’s Follow Me TV solution.)

Other categories with significant growth include HDTV and cell phones.

Verizon Earnings – Competing Headlines



FiOS, Wireless Help Verizon’s Healthy Q1


FiOS a drag on earnings for Verizon,,, but adoption strong

The discrepancy in headlines comes from the fact that Light Reading and Ars Technica are referencing two different aspects of FiOS. Light Reading is referring to subscriber uptake; Ars Technica to the cost of FiOS FTTH deployments. Put together, the earnings coverage sounds just a little schizophrenic, but here are a few of the compelling FiOS facts:

  • 416,000 new FiOS broadband customers in Q1
  • 141,000 new FiOS TV customers in Q1
  • Ars Technica points out that despite subscriber additions, FiOS brought earnings down about 11 cents per share

Update: Broadband Daily (subscription required) makes reference to Verizon’s escalating Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) with FiOS.  Not as high as cable, but headed in that direction.