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Tallying Bandwidth Expansion Techniques


If you’re not going all Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH), you still have quite a few options for wringing more bandwidth out of your broadband network. I’m starting a tally of techniques. What have I missed?

11 Responses

  1. [...] ratings measure the most popular television programming. Preparing for switched digital video (SDV) requires exactly the opposite. No cable operator is going to move content to a switched system that [...]

  2. [...] of the consumer population that cares about high bandwidth speeds, but throughput is really more of an operator concern right now than a widespread consumer one. It’s hard to know if the number of consumers determined [...]

  3. [...] Until now, Motorola has provided MPEG-2 encoders for HBO’s two existing HD channels. The step up to MPEG-4 is just that, a step up. MPEG-4 is going to gain significant importance in the coming years as operators feel the bandwidth crunch. [...]

  4. [...] are using today and it’s true of the continued innovation that must and is taking place, from decoupled CMTS to RF delivery over fiber optics. Sure front-end applications are what get consumers excited, but [...]

  5. [...] is that old catch-22 of promoting services to sell broadband and then having to make sure that broadband can keep up with the [...]

  6. [...] nodes and roughly 1,000 subscribers. By splitting that bandwidth across four nodes and employing wave division multiplexing (WDM), it’s possible to increase the amount of bandwidth going to each individual subscriber by [...]

  7. [...] An improved encoding standard over MPEG-2, MPEG-4 not only conserves bandwidth, but it uses more intelligent algorithms than its predecessor to deliver a clearer picture. For [...]

  8. [...] used to combine multiple colors of light on a single fiber. The result is that cable operators can expand bandwidth with the fiber they already have in their [...]

  9. [...] the interview, Werner talks about how Comcast is pursuing analog reclamation as its top bandwidth expansion tool at the moment. The process makes it possible to recover enough bandwidth for the equivalent of [...]

  10. [...] the downstream side, there are numerous options for cable operators looking to increase bandwidth in conjunction with applying downstream channel [...]

  11. [...] what does all of this data traffic mean for cable video? Cable operators are still reallocating spectrum that was formerly used for analog video, but it’s not all going over to DOCSIS delivery. Far from it. MSOs are using roughly eight [...]

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