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Insights from Comcast COO Steve Burke

The SCTE Cable-Tec Expo officially kicked off this morning with a general session including several high-profile speakers. Since the event is in Comcast’s hometown, both COO Steve Burke and CTO Tony Werner were on hand, as well as top execs from Cox, Charter, HBO, Showtime, Nortel and PBS. Burke laid out some of the changes in the cable industry, including the fact that 40% of cable revenues today come from sources other than video. He expects that number to go over 50% in the next few years.

Also of interest, Burke stated that cable’s top two initiatives right now are Canoe and Clearwire. In other words, advanced advertising and wireless broadband.

Cynthia Brumfield and Jeff Baumgartner also covered the session this morning. See Cynthia’s post on the rate of cable industry change, and Jeff’s post on cable’s WiMAX timeline.

Motorola DAC 6000

On display in the booth at SCTE was the new GUI for the Motorola Digital Access Controller DAC6000. There are many more automation features in the software upgrade that was announced today and a new interface to go along with the feature updates. More pics from the photo file below.

First Motorola *Cable* Customer Deploying GPON

Internally at Motorola there’s been a lot of discussion around the uptick in cable interest in passive optical networks (PON). There’s plenty of life left in HFC networks, but there are places where fiber-to-the-home, and specifically gigabit PON rollouts make sense. Compton Cable, based in Canada, is deploying GPON to address the commercial services market. It’s Motorola’s first cable customer to move forward with GPON. (See recent Motorola GPON shipments update) It won’t be the last.