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Project Cavalry – In Philly and Beyond

Independent of the broadcast digital transition set to take place on June 12th, Comcast is making the all-digital shift in about half of its markets this year. (All Motorola markets so far) In fact, the Comcast move is taking place in my own Philadelphia backyard at the moment. As part of a “marination” period, Comcast is deploying digital set-tops and DTAs for basic subcribers during already-scheduled truck rolls. After new hardware is the field, Comcast aims to move roughly 40 analog channels to its digital tier – all as a way to free up bandwidth for more HD content and DOCSIS 3.0 channel bonding.

My goal over the next couple of months is to follow up on the Project Cavalry activities in Philadelphia. How will the Comcast transition parallel the broadcast one? Will there be an uptick in digital subscribers? How does Philadelphia compare to other Project Cavalry markets in the Bay Area, parts of Oregon, Tennesee, and Seattle, as well as Boston and Atlanta? Stay tuned.