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Motorola Discusses “What’s Next?” @ the DowJones Fast Tech Conference

The second annual DowJones Fast Tech conference is taking place today and tomorrow in Redwood City, CA. Motorola Mobility’s John Burke, senior vice-president and general manager of Converged Experiences, kicked off the conference in a keynote Q&A panel entitled “What’s Next.” Dow Jones editors Dave Barry and Russ Garland interviewed John about “What’s Next” in convergence. For the past year, investors and entrepreneurs have turned their attention toward social media, mobile apps and the cloud. But what about going forward? What is the next great opportunity? John addressed service provider challenges and opportunities and exciting changes connected consumers can expect in their homes and on the go.

Last November, we released our 2010 Media Engagement Barometer research, an independent global study of video consumption habits among 7,500 consumers in 13 markets. At the conference today, John gave a preview of insights gleaned from this year’s report, which will be announced in a few weeks:

  • Mobile TV, Social TV, Connected Home, and Personal Cloud services stood out as major trends redefining the home ecosystem.
  • Each of these taps into the desire to be constantly connected, but with greater flexibility to take these services on-the-go.
  • In 2010, 5% ofU.S.consumers were accessing mobile TV on their smartphones. That number has increased to 23% in one year. That’s pretty dramatic.