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We Are Moving! But Not Far Away…

We are moving to a new site! Please visit us at our new home anytime for the latest in Motorola Home news.

Motorola Mobility Booth Photos @ SCTE

In case you missed the SCTE show last week, here are some snapshots of the booth and a few of the demos shown.

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Motorola MOTr Modular Hub

MSOs are moving fiber deeper into their networks. Part of Motorola’s Fiber Node portfolio, the new Motorola MOTr Modular Hub helps operators while reducing physical hub locations. It provides a versatile hub replacement solution, in full spectrum, or legacy broadcast/narrowcast implementations. It also reduces expensive, environmentally controlled brick-and-mortar locations with solutions that can span greater than 100km.

The MOTr Modular Hub is available globally and is a flexible solution which adapts to the needs of MSOs. It will be shown at the SCTE show this week – Booth #1268.

Motorola Expands Carrier Ethernet Product Line

Telco Systems, a leading supplier of Carrier Ethernet solutions and has been selected by Motorola to deliver Motorola branded products for sale through Motorola’s MSO channels. The Carrier Ethernet portfolio consists of a number of powerful hub based aggregation switches/routers, customer premises based demarcation products. 

Motorola’s Carrier Ethernet product line is certified by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), a global industry alliance. The MEF develops Carrier Ethernet technical specifications and implementation agreements to promote interoperability and deployment of Carrier Ethernet worldwide, so this certification provides an important validation to Motorola’s offerings. Read more in today’s press release here.

Top 5 Tech Articles You Might Have Missed – Week of October 17

News from the Motorola Mobility’s 4Home and Verizon home monitoring announcement continues to garner great interest this week. Motorola’s Leon Hounshell, division general manager of managed home solutions, shares his perspective on Verizon’s blog about their new smart home service: Making the Smart Home Simple.  Last Thursday, Fierce Telecom also highlighted the role of home monitoring within the IP ecosystem and the 4Home/Verizon announcement. Bookman points out that ABI Research estimates there are 572,000 subscribers currently using home automation services provided by telcos and cable companies, which the firm expects to increase to 12 million by 2016.  “Smarter homes” are also featured in a PC World article about how our society is headed towards “A Smarter Everything,” as items from smartphones to washing machines can be connected.

Motorola’s mobile devices team made major headlines with week with the launch of the new DROID RAZR smartphone as featured CNBC article and video interview with CEO Sanjay Jha.  And now it’s even easier to stream movies on your Motorola XOOM due to Netflix’s free Android application for Honeycomb tablets. According to a Nielsen study, half ofU.S. consumers watch online streaming video and spend more and more time doing it. How about you, when and where do you stream video?  And what would you most like about having a smarter connected home?

1. Where does home monitoring fit in the telco ecosystem? (Oct. 20) – By Samantha Bookman, FierceTelecom

2. Is Your Car Tweeting? — What’s Next for Connected Devices (Oct. 16) – By Armando Rodriguez, PC World

3. Motorola Mobility Going Back to Future With Razr: CEO (Oct.18) – By Margo D. Beller, CNBC

4. Netflix adds Android app support for Honeycomb tablets (Oct. 19) – By Ryan Lawler, GigaOM

5. Half of Americans Watch Online Video: Nielsen (Oct. 20) – By Todd Spangler, Multichannel News