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The FiOS Connection

Time Warner wasn’t the only company, by far, speaking at Bear Stearns earlier this week. Among others, Verizon made a presentation on the state of the multichannel industry and the state of its own fiber build-out. (Oh yeah, and Verizon may have talked some wireless too… :) )

According to Verizon CFO Doreen Toben, the company has added 687,000 new FiOS Internet subscribers and 207,000 new FiOS TV subscribers. Not bad. How are those services getting delivered? Well, by fiber of course, but to put a finer point on it, the FiOS next-gen network includes a lot of cable-like aspects. Motorola has a long history with Verizon and is a primary technology provider for the FiOS roll-out. Verizon contracted with Motorola starting in 2004 to provide headend and hybrid QAM/IP set-top technology along with integration services. A much more cable-like route than AT&T has chosen. FiOS is fiber, but its technology brethren are in the cable industry – for all the advantages and disadvantages there.

For more details on FiOS, check out the full Bear Stearns transcript here.