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What’s Left for Event TV?

osu-tenn.jpgTV when you want it, where you want it may be the wave of the future, but as long sports exist, there will be event TV. Roll on over to CBS for a live look at the thrashing Tennessee is currently giving #1-seed Ohio State.

And where there’s event TV (lots of live viewers), there’s bandwidth crunch.

I tried March Madness on Demand last week. Unfortunately the video gave out frequently. Such a beautiful offering… in theory.

On an entirely separate note, here’s my found image of the day, courtesy of the Creating Passionate Users blog.


2 Responses

  1. […] Plenty of people are covering the death of HD DVD so I thought I’d take a different tack here. Listening to NPR last night I heard a story that played tape from an old, old interview with a Sony executive on Betamax. Yes, Beta tapes died a sad death much like the HD DVD format (hey, Sony gets to be the winner this time!), but what was really interesting to me were the buzz words coming out of the executive’s mouth. He described the Beta technology as giving consumers TV in a new way – “what you want, when you want it.” Sound familiar? […]

  2. […] that time of year again. CBS is once again planning to stream March Madness games online for free throughout the NCAA […]

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