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The Motorola Board

I am not ignoring the activity between Carl Icahn and the Motorola Board.  How could I?  It’s gotten pretty nasty, pretty fast.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any particular insight to add on the matter.  The fight is focused on the Mobile Devices business and my focus is much more on the Connected Home group.  Of course, however this plays out will have a significant impact on the entire company.  Now if only I could find my crystal ball…

Open Standards Everywhere


Politicians may not be in a bipartisan mood these days, but VOD vendors are going to great pains to play nice with everyone. SeaChange, which I referenced a few days ago, is now offering its Axiom Suite VOD software as an open platform. Motorola will be demonstrating the integration of its own open-standards B-1 Video Server with Axiom 4.0 at The Cable Show next week. If SeaChange customers want a DRAM server solution, they can replace existing servers with the Motorola hardware, or just add on new B-1 units.

Okay, so this probably isn’t that interesting to people outside the immediate cable sphere, but it should be interesting that Motorola will be demonstrating the integration by streaming HD VOD. High-definition VOD offerings are going to grow significantly in the next 12 to 24 months. That plus the availability of movies on-demand at the same time they’re released on DVD is going to add to cable’s competitive advantage against emerging retail movie-in-a-box players.