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The New Motorola Home and Networks Mobility

Over the last few weeks Motorola’s Connected Home Solutions (CHS) business has quietly morphed into something bigger. With a corporate reorganization under way, the baby Motorola division is gaining domain over the traditional wireless networks business (the stuff that makes the cell phones work) and new wireless broadband technology. Goodbye Connected Home Solutions. Hello Home & Networks Mobility.

As someone who’s been around the Horsham division of Motorola for the last five years, this is huge. Because of Motorola’s major focus on mobile devices, CHS has always felt a bit like the little set-top division that could. Practically speaking, the broadband business has been very successful, but it’s still always been dwarfed by mobile devices. Financially that will still be the case (though much less so), but strategically the business-formerly-known-as-CHS gains significant stature.

It feels right to me that Motorola should combine the broadband business with wireless network technology. Broadband is all about voice, video and data delivery, and that triple play is going mobile. You might say we were prescient in naming this blog Connected Home 2 Go, but really it was just common sense given the state of the industry. Mobility, mobility, mobility.

I’m guessing a lot of the financials of the reorg will be discussed when President Dan Moloney presents next week at the Bear Stearns 18th Annual Technology/Communications/Internet Conference, so check out the webcast if you’re interested in those details. In the meantime, I’ll be digging to find out how much of the “new” stuff I get to cover on this blog. I might just have to hire another writer…

6 Responses

  1. Wait…they’re not GI anymore?

  2. Amazing to me how many people remember that this division originally was GI. I didn’t most think people had that long an attention span. 😉

  3. […] but this quarter gets a little tricky because what used to be the Connected Home Solutions business is now the Home and Networks Mobility business with parts of the old Networks business thrown in. (Did you follow […]

  4. […] changed the blog name in large part to reflect the fact that the business it represents has evolved from Connected Home Solutions to Home and Networks Mobility (H&NM). The substantive difference here is that the H&NM group within Motorola combines both home […]

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