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NXTcomm Does Video


Ed Zander presented one of the keynote speeches at NXTcomm yesterday and expounded on a theme that is literally ubiquitous at the moment: video everywhere. Where has this theme appeared recently? There’s a certain phone I won’t name coming out on June 29th that will allow access to YouTube. Verizon announced its one millionth FiOS customer yesterday and heavily promoted FiOS TV and the Home Media DVR service. And AT&T just announced a video sharing service to be launched on cell phones later this summer.

Xchange Magazine covered Ed Zander’s keynote and noted that the Motorola CEO has decided that video is the next killer app for mobility. Sure it is. But you could also say the reverse is true. Mobility is the next killer app for video.

Despite the fact that Motorola is known for its mobile devices, the executive leadership knew back in 2000 that video and mobility would one day go hand in hand; each the killer app for the other. As Zander put it in his keynote yesterday: “Television is where you get the content, and the mobile device is where you take it.” Everyone at NXTcomm certainly agrees.

P.S. The photos above aren’t actually from NXTcomm but another recent Motorola event. Official NXTcomm photos still to come.

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  1. […] delivering video to mobiles is attracting more industry attention, I think that the possible upside for show-and-tell devices is bigger than for mobile video. Design […]

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