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Phone Companies Not Best for Phone Service?

New J.D. Power and Associates research puts cable companies on top among residential phone providers in a customer satisfaction survey conducted across six regions in the United States.

This blows my mind.

Not only has cable successfully entered an entirely new market in a very short period of time, but this news means that Voice-over-IP (VoIP) as a technology can’t be considered an ankle-biter anymore.

VoIP service is different depending on whether you receive it from an over-the-top provider using the Internet, like Vonage, or an operator with its own managed network like Cox, Comcast or Time Warner. The perception has been that both types of VoIP services have their advantages, but that neither is likely to outperform traditional phone service in reliability. If phone companies have historically been able to promise one thing, it’s that you’ll always get a dial tone when you pick up your receiver.

vt-gtwys4.jpgThe J.D. Power survey suggests that popular perception is wrong. While phone companies are still delivering a dial tone, cable operators are delivering higher performance and reliability with VoIP.