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Hands on with FiOS 2.0


Verizon is quietly rolling out FiOS 2.0 and Dave Zatz has a great post up covering the new interface. I also got a chance to see a FiOS demo a couple weeks back and am adding some of my own thoughts and pics to this blog.

From my notes:

First, the interface is slick. A while back I said there was room for something as easy to use but classier than TiVo. FiOS 2.0 fits the bill. I’m glad it’s on Motorola hardware.

Second, I discovered a few things about the Home Media DVR service. Yes, it’s awesome (truly), but there are a couple of things I want to see improved. You can’t pause a show in one room and pick it up in the same place in another room. This is probably something I wouldn’t even have noticed if I hadn’t seen the trick performed in the Motorola Follow Me TV demo. Verizon’s service is based on Motorola’s multi-room technology (in addition to Motorola’s set-tops), but Verizon customized the system for its own deployment.

The other disappointment is that you can’t access HD recordings from secondary set-tops in your home network. The way Verizon does the install is by hooking one Motorola HD DVR set-top to the main TV and then using Motorola standard-def set-tops on all secondary TVs. The SD set-tops can’t view or transcode HD programming (they’re designed to be light) so there’s no HD access in other rooms the way Verizon sets up the service. Verizon says users will be able to stream HD programming early in 2008.

All of that said, the Home Media DVR service is excellent and every operator should add the multi-room feature. The FiOS 2.0 interface is worth a much more detailed review, so do read Dave Zatz’s write-up, and I’ll post many more pics later today.

4 Responses

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