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It’s Not Easy Being in the Broadband Business

You’ve got to have a thick skin to be in the broadband service business. If you’re a cable operator, the Wall Street guys are mad at you because subscriber growth has slowed, even if revenue is up. If you’re a telco, folks are either worried you’re spending too much on infrastructure or not enough to keep customers happy. And consumers aren’t cutting anyone any slack either. Providers aren’t rolling out HD content fast enough, data speeds are too slow and channels aren’t bundled the way people want.

What’s a broadband provider to do?

Just to counter the wave of complaints, here’s a list of why people should be happy with broadband providers:

Wall Street

  • The triple play is actually here, and consumers are paying for it.
  • Everyone wants more bandwidth, and while bandwidth costs money, it also delivers revenue-generating services and higher ARPU.
  • There’s a lot of room for growth in wireless services.


  • More HD is coming! Maybe not fast enough for you, but the snowball is definitely rolling down the hill.
  • Don’t like the shows on in primetime right now? That’s okay because you’ve got options coming out the whazoo: watch a recorded show from your DVR, grab something on-demand, download or stream video online.
  • Faster speeds are coming. How do I know? Because people are making a stink about wanting faster Internet, Congress is applying pressure, and competition is heating up.