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The Hulu HD Bandwidth Equation


Phil Harvey did some “back-of-the-napkin” figuring about Hulu’s new HD offerings over on The Philter. You can only get into Hulu by beta invite at the moment, but the video streaming site recently started offering some HD clips in addition to full-length SD shows. Figuring that not many folks (beta users only) are watching content on Hulu yet, and not much of the content (nine clips to be exact) is in HD, the bandwidth impact of Hulu isn’t much to be concerned about at the moment. However, a little extrapolation paints an entirely different picture.

Imagine one million viewers accessing two, two-minute HD clips on Hulu per day. That amounts to 75,000 gigabytes of content streaming across the Web per day, and 27,375 terabytes per year.