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2008 – The Year of Digital TV

With only eleven and a half months to go, here’s the latest on the digital TV transition:

  • digital-tv-converter-box-coupon-program.jpgThe CEA has released a report stating that more than 50% of US households already own digital televisions. Only 413 days to go to convert the rest of the population.
  • Federal vouchers (worth $40 off) are now officially available for anyone wanting to purchase a digital converter box early. Pick one up for an analog-set-owning relative and include it with your post-holiday thank-you note.
  • Think now is too early to get a digital converter box? You may be right, but according to the FCC, the digital transition could come earlier than the planned 2/17/09 date in some test communities.

Want some historical context for your New Year’s digital TV ruminations? Motorola was the first to demonstrate digital compression over cable in 1991, the first to put out all-digital HDTV transmissions in 1992, and to date, Motorola has shipped between 60 and 65 million digital set-tops globally.