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Motorola Goes Mythbusting at Mobile World Congress


There were several announcements out of Motorola today at Mobile World Congress. You can read them here, and see coverage of the new WiMAX products introduced here and here,

There are a few issues I’d like to tackle out of the news today, but for tonight I thought I’d limit my posting to the discrete topic of mobile broadband myths – specifically the misperceptions I’ve heard oft-repeated about WiMAX, LTE and Motorola.

Myth #1: Motorola is backing the wrong horse by focusing on WiMAX.
Myth Busted: There is no wrong horse. Some operators will go with WiMAX and some with LTE. Both 4G technologies will exist and Motorola has to support them both. The reason there’s been so much public attention from Motorola on WiMAX is because WiMAX is here now. LTE is still a couple of years out.

Myth #2: WiMAX is dead in the water because Verizon and AT&T chose LTE.
Myth Busted: Leaving Sprint aside for the moment, operators around the world are choosing WiMAX because it is available today. For those willing to wait, LTE is going to be a powerful technology. But that doesn’t erase the head start that WiMAX will have in the global market.

Myth #3: Consumers in the US shouldn’t bother with WiMAX.
Myth Busted: Frankly, if I can get Wi-Fi-like speeds over an ever-present cellular network, count me in. Sure, it won’t be everywhere all at once. But if it ends up in my area in the next six to twelve months, I’ll be signing up. And I know lots of other bloggers who will too.