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WiMAX on a Segway

This was just too much fun not to post. See video from Barcelona below for WiMAX on a Segway.  (Thanks, Michael!)

Verizon’s Path to All-Digital Includes Motorola DCT700s


As part of the deal for its CableCARD waiver last year, Verizon promised to convert to all-digital video signals by the time of the official analog shut-off in 2009. To do that, the operator is looking at providing free digital set-tops to its analog holdovers, and today I confirmed those set-tops will be Motorola DCT700s.

Most of the set-tops Motorola ships to Verizon are unlike the ones that go to cable operator customers because of Verizon’s hybrid network. (The telco uses IP rather than QAM for the return path and premium services like VOD.) However, because the requirement here is no-frills digital delivery, the DCT700 will work just fine.

Verizon subscribers who get the DCT700 will also get a scaled down IMG guide with channel info and basic settings options.