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Final Gems from The Cable Show: DTA, j-Guide and More

Inevitably at trade shows I pile up notes and photos of things I’d like to cover, and yet I never get around to posting on everything. With that in mind, here are a few of the items that slipped through the cracks at The Cable Show.

Motorola Digital Transport Adapter
This puppy got a lot of attention at the show. And for all that, it’s just a simple converter for translating digital signals into analog. The reason the adapter got so much attention is the fact that it will be a useful tool during operators’ transition to all-digital broadcasting. Operators will have to provide a solution for analog subscribers. This pared-down adapter fits the bill.

TV Guide’s j-Guide
TV Guide apparently had this new tru2way electronic program guide (EPG) showing in several booths. The pics here show one of the main menu guides and the search interface.

Motorola had a WiMAX network up and running in the booth and used it to show off super-fast wireless connections. Among the demos was a laptop with a USB WiMAX dongle. Don’t get too excited; this is not a product on the market. It was just used to highlight laptop use on the WiMAX network.

eMTA for MDUs
One of Motorola’s announcements during the show was a new voice-and-data modem gateway (officially called an embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter, or eMTA) designed for multi-dwelling units (MDUs). Why is this important? Two reasons. First, it gives cable operators a way to pipe services into apartment buildings and offices. Second, it comes in a nifty “ruggedized” cabinet so it can be placed outside rather than indoors. That means no one has to be home for a service rep to stop by.