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25% of New JCom Subscribers Choose 160-Mbps Service

I missed the roundtable at SCTE yesterday with Motorola, Japanese cable operator JCom and Heavy Reading’s Alan Breznick, but I’m catching up on the presentation notes. JCom debuted its DOCSIS 3.0 service two months ago with a premium speed tier of 160 Mbps. According to the operator, 25% of new Internet subscribers since then have signed on for the 160-Mbps service. Amazing. Of course that might have something to do with the fact that the new speed tier is only five dollars more than JCom’s 30-Mbps offering. Quintuple the speed for five extra bucks a month.

I found another interesting nugget from one of the presentation decks as well. According to ABI Research, streaming video consumption in North America is not far behind consumption in the Asia-Pacific region today. (See chart below) That’s despite the massive difference in broadband speeds available. Over the next four years, however, ABI projects Asia’s consumption rate to take off, while the growth rate for North America is expected to be a much subtler slope. Continue reading