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Tipping Point for VOD and Web Video?

There’s no question that video-on-demand and Web video have both seen explosive growth in the last 12-18 months. But I have to wonder if the Olympics will prove to be another inflection point. Certainly the content distribution plans are unparalleled. Comcast and Charter are now on the VOD bandwagon, joining AT&T, Verizon and others. On the Web, NBC has promised massive amounts of coverage, some streaming and some available for download. The big question is whether all of this content will bring in new users to each medium. Just how big a draw are the Olympics? Will my mom (literally and figuratively) watch video clips online and on-demand?

By the way, even though the Olympics don’t officially start until Friday, there’s streaming video available online today from the first US women’s soccer match. And tonight there’s something called “Women’s Gymnastic Podium Training”.

7 Responses

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  2. […] of that knowledge with their dedicated pipes into the home. In the short term that might mean more  types and a greater volume of on-demand video. In the slightly longer term it should mean new cross-domain offerings – packages and promotions […]

  3. […] in the types of content available on-demand, including sports clips in support of events like the Olympics and March Madness, day-and-date movie releases, and the offering of full seasons of TV programs to […]

  4. […] camera views, social media features, etc. The trend really became apparent with last year’s Olympics and this year’s presidential inauguration, but it continues on as events like the US Open and […]

  5. […] holiday specials on VHS tapes years ago, getting a little TV holiday cheer is a lot easier now that VOD has picked up steam. I scanned through Comcast’s on-demand selections today and found everything from classic […]

  6. Thanks for the great post. I really love this tv seasons. Can’t wait for the another season ! Keep up the good work with that:)

  7. […] Tipping Point Posted on January 21, 2010 by Mari Silbey After speculating on a VOD tipping point last summer, I happened on two reports this week suggesting the moment has arrived. First, the […]

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