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Comcast to Introduce Bandwidth Cap on October 1st

Broadband Reports broke the news this morning that Comcast is implementing a 250GB monthly bandwidth cap starting October 1st. While as a consumer I’d love to stay cap-free, in all fairness to Comcast, 250 gigabytes is a pretty high ceiling, well above the range that most people need or could even hope to use right now. Karl Bode reports that it’s likely Comcast will charge $15 for every 10GB used above the 250GB cap.

A few quick thoughts:

  • It appears Comcast is going to be transparent about the capping process; something I appreciate very much.
  • More and more bandwidth-intensive applications are rolling into market. How will this affect consumer perspectives on broadband limitations?
  • Now that Comcast is moving forward, is any US cable operator likely to forego bandwidth caps from here on out?