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New Automated Provisioning of DSL CPE

Automated and remote management of broadband CPE has been a big theme for this year, and with the economy looking the way it does for 2009, I imagine it will be popular over the next twelve months as well. In short, operators are increasingly interested in CPE that minimizes the need for support techs to make house calls. Fewer house calls means less operating cash spent.

motorola-netopia-7000-series-vdsl2-voice-gatewayConsistent with the theme, today Motorola announced that its DSL gear now supports “secure digital certificates to work with public key infrastructure (PKI).” What that means is that any operators who support PKI digital certificates can automatically authenticate a new Motorola DSL modem or gateway when a consumer plugs it in. No user names and passcodes required. No trip-ups over whether a device is authorized for service or not.

On the digital security front, Motorola actually has its own PKI Center in San Diego for supplying keys and certificates to broadband device makers. It certainly fits with Motorola’s history in the area of content protection – a la Motorola’s widely deployed MediaCipher conditional access technology.