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NCTA President Kyle McSlarrow on the Broadband Stimulus Package

NCTA president Kyle McSlarrow is remarkable unscripted in front of a camera. The Cable Tech Talk blog today posted a six-minute clip of McSlarrow (also above) talking about the proposed broadband stimulus package. Whether you agree with his opinions or not, it’s easy to see how this guy makes a living in Washington.

Regarding the actual content of the video, McSlarrow focuses on four core broadband issues: affordability, adoption, deployment, and next-generation architecture (i.e. speed). In the first three categories he sees a potential role for government: extend a lifeline so that low-income households can afford broadband, help subsidize low-end notebooks/netbooks to increase adoption, and put money toward getting broadband deployed in unserved neighborhoods. McSlarrow also acknowledges that there could be government incentives to increase broadband speeds, but cautions that the first three issues need to be dealt with first using the limited financial resources available.

Take six minutes to watch the full video if  you have time. I imagine we’ll see more of these out of the NCTA in the future.