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Fancast and Comcast.net See Starz

wallestarz Comcast on-demand online fancast

Here’s a quick update from Comcast Voices, the Comcast blog, on the upcoming On Demand Online trial. Apparently the MSO has added the Starz network to its roster of on-demand content that will be made available on Fancast and Comcast.net. The premium movie channel will serve up 300 movies online, though all in standard-def to start. (HD content coming later.)

The Comcast blog offers one other interesting tidbit as well. In addition to streaming content, the new online service will include downloadable content in the future. I can’t help but wonder how the rights issues will be handled once content goes mobile, but Comcast clearly has something in the works.

Meanwhile, Comcast’s move to increase its online video stores (as well as the broader consumer rise in online video streaming) certainly suggests a reason the company has been so aggressive on the DOCSIS 3.0 front. All those IP video streams require significant bursts of downstream bandwidth.