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Motorola Keynote and Power Breakfast at 4G World

4G World Motorola Keynote

Resource note: Earlier I mentioned the recordings of the Motorola Keynote and Power Breakfast speech over at 4G World. You can now watch them in two different ways. The presentations are broken into four clips each, but a Motorola videographer just created custom playlists that also link the clips together. Unfortunately they won’t embed like regular YouTube links, but if you’re interested, you can see the Keynote playlist here and the Power Breakfast playlist here.

Today’s 4G and Tomorrow’s 4G

Need a quick take on the wireless broadband industry? Here’s Motorola’s Paul Steinberg from the 4G World show floor talking about the WiMAX technology available today and the LTE technology that’s not far behind. Today LTE is still limited by a lack of market-ready devices – no LTE-based PC adapter yet, as an example. But ultimately LTE and WiMAX will coexist, with consumer adoption driven by the continuing need to be connected at all times.

The video here is just about two and a half minutes long, a perfect bite-size bit of content if you couldn’t make it to 4G World in person. And if you’re looking for more, Motorola has been posting videos – including direct recordings of Motorola exec presentations – over at a its YouTube channel. Take a look.