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Charter, Motorola, and the Return of Switched Digital Video

The buzz on switched digital video has slowly risen to a fever pitch again over the last few months. After initial excitement back in 2007, enthusiasm for the technology waned in the wake of DTA success, and regulatory concerns around the tuning adapters needed to make SDV work with retail DVRs. Now SDV is making a comeback. Motorola announced this morning that cable company Charter is deploying Motorola’s switched digital solution and has a goal to launch SDV in 60% of its footprint by the end of the year.

At the Cable Show last month, I heard unofficially that SDV is gaining popularity again across the cable industry. In fact, the technology has never gone away, but operators haven’t used it in recent years for its bandwidth-saving attributes. With increasing consumer demand for capacity, however, SDV is being reconsidered for its ability to extend bandwidth. More bandwidth means room for more HD content and higher broadband speed tiers.

Stay tuned for further details on the resurgence of switched digital video. I’m working on getting more answers in the coming days.