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The NCTA and Tuning Adapters

We’re likely to hear more about tuning adapters in the coming months as cable operators ramp up their switched digital video rollouts. And there’s more proof today that those ramp-ups are far more than rumor. According to comments by the NCTA, five of the largest US cable companies are already deploying tuning adapters, meaning they’ve also already implemented SDV in their networks. And Jeff Baumgartner reiterates that Comcast has aggressive SDV plans for this year and 2011.

Cable’s resurgent interest in SDV is causing some controversy among providers of retail set-tops that use CableCARDs. The pool of subscribers with these retail CableCARD devices, however, is still relatively small. In contrast the additional bandwidth that operators stand to gain from SDV is significant, particularly in light of HD and upcoming 3D demands. It’s a trade-off cable companies are willing to make.