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More on Medios from an FCC Filing

There is plenty of interesting material in the latest public comments filed by Motorola on the FCC’s AllVid Notice of Inqury (NOI). There is, for example, the part about conditional access, including when and where content protection should and could take place in the video delivery process. However, for the purposes of this post, I am highlighting one excerpt that talks specifically about Motorola Medios. Introduced in May, Medios hits on several complicated concepts. This excerpt is one more window into what the software suite was designed to do. It’s worth a quick read. And if you’re interested in the full thirty-plus pages of comments filed by Motorola yesterday, you can jump over to the FCC website too.

…Motorola is developing cloud-based solutions aimed at extending Web-based tools and service to legacy cable systems. Motorola Medios is one such initiative. Medios is a service management software suite aimed at enabling greater customization of the user experience using standard web-development tools. Medios seamlessly integrates MVPD, Internet, and other content via a single familiar user interface, and give customers the ability to access their favorite content via that interface across multiple displays and devices. In this way, Medios helps service providers put customers in charge of their video content viewing experiences. Medios also leverages open standards so that service providers can evolve their existing infrastructure to provide these new capabilities, rather than forcing providers to invest in new infrastructure. For example, Medios supports multiple DRM solutions, so that service providers have maximum flexibility in securing content across multiple devices…