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Using HTML for the EPG

Motorola’s been showing off a reference UI for the TV since The Cable Show back in May. The demo got a few updates at IBC last month, and now at SCTE it’s gone through another upgrade. The goal here is to show what’s possible when you shift to HTML to design a program guide. Suddenly there are a lot more options, both visually and functionally. Note the widget-like boxes you can use to drill down through different features: a recommendation engine, new content highlights, and content categories, to name a few. It’s also a lot easier to port the whole experience to multiple screens when the guide is HTML-based. Here’s a mobile version.

Finally, it’s worth noting that in this demo Motorola is using its SecureMedia technology to protect the TV content being accessed on different devices. We’re talking software-based security. A little different from the CableCARD approach.

Welcome to New Orleans – SCTE 2010

You know you’re in New Orleans when a brass band struts by the lobby Starbucks in the convention center. And even though the SCTE show floor hasn’t opened yet, the cable press are already reporting furiously on the heels of some early sessions and the CTAM Summit. Light Reading Cable’s Jeff Baumgartner just walked by on his way to the press room, and he’s already filed at least once today with Ten Hot Trends for the show. Meanwhile, CED has its first show daily up including a cover note about the Comcast iPad remote coming “very, very” soon. And speaking of iPads, I caught a glimpse of an iPad app in the Motorola booth a short while ago. More to come on that one soon.

The Motorola Booth at SCTE

I’ve got a flight to catch to New Orleans, but here’s a quick look at what’s coming up in the Motorola SCTE booth. From the plans I’ve seen, there will be a micro-level headend environment behind a transparent window. The on-site headend will power Motorola Medios demos with features including multi-screen merchandising, a content recommendation engine, and rapid new media application deployment. Other demos on tap: more 3D TV, multi-room DVR technology highlighting transcoding and content protection capabilities, and the Motorola EDGE platform for remote home management. Stay tuned.