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TelcoTV Session Preview

Tis the season for industry conferences, and next up is TelcoTV. ┬áMotorola has several speakers queued for the annual event, including VP and GM Alan Lefkof, who will present a keynote speech on delivering converged media experiences. Expect to hear about companion devices and services for television viewing, as well as…

…how advances in network technology and service management and control, coupled with shifting consumer behaviors driven by Internet-based experiences, especially on mobile devices, present both an opportunity to serve up new compelling subscriber-driven experiences and a challenge to deliver a quality of service that drives uptake and revenues.

Motorola’s Richard Baker and Faisal Ishtiaq will also speak at next week’s show on the topics of customer care and 3D TV respectively. Note that 3D did not figure prominently in discussions at SCTE a few weeks back, but new research out of ESPN may spark further conversation in time for the TelcoTV event. ESPN ran lab tests during its 3D coverage of the World Cup and uncovered interesting data about 3D ad effectiveness. According to ESPN’s just-released report, ad recall and purchase intent increased significantly among viewers of 3D advertisements compared to their 2D counterparts. That should be enough to get the conversational ball rolling at TelcoTV.