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On Motorola’s Top-Rated IPTV Integration Services

For anyone following Motorola over time, the breadth of the company’s expertise in TV delivery is both obvious and extraordinary. I don’t mean that to be a hyperbolic statement; I just mean that if you look across the tier-1 television providers in North America and globally, Motorola’s presence is immense. And one of the things that level of expertise buys you is the ability to integrate systems and services across a wide range of delivery platforms.

The Motorola professional services organization is often overlooked, but it plays an important role in constructing some of the largest television provider systems on the planet. Recently, Yoav Schreiber at Current Analysis evaluated Motorola’s position in service integration specifically in the IPTV sector. He rated the Motorola IPTV Professional Service Integration Package as outstanding, five out of five stars. Here are a couple of paragraph excerpts from the Current Analysis report, available to subscribers of the firm’s Digital Media Infrastructure intelligence.

IPTV Professional Service Integration Package: OUTSTANDING

Motorola has multiple Tier 1 cable operator references as proof points for its ability to serve as the lead systems integrator for digital video infrastructure networks, and Motorola’s flagship customer account on the telco side for digital video service delivery is Verizon’s FiOS network. Given the intensely competitive nature of the FiOS bidding process, and the service turn-up benchmarks set by Verizon, Motorola’s key role in the successful FiOS video service build-out is very strong validation for the company (i.e., 3.3 million FiOS TVsubscribers)…

…Motorola has prime systems integrator status for Microsoft’s Mediaroom IPTV platform, enabling it to offer benefits to service providers including accelerated time-to-market and reduced deployment risk for their IPTV services, by leveraging its deep Mediaroom deployment, back-end systems integration expertise and service provisioning capabilities.