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Motorola Mobility Announces Intent to Acquire Dreampark

This morning, Motorola Mobility announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Dreampark, a leading IPTV software provider based in Norrköping, Sweden. The acquisition is expected to close in the second quarter of 2011. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed but the Dreampark portfolio is expected to be integrated into the Motorola Medios service management software suite.

With the acquisition of Dreampark, Motorola Mobility will strengthen its ability to provide systems integrators, service providers, enterprises and content providers with innovative solutions for deploying converged media experiences.

To learn more, click here for the press release.

Part Two: 4Home Q&A with Jim Hunter

Q: When might consumers first begin to leverage 4Home technologies under the new Motorola Mobility brand?
A: Verizon has already announced their intention to offer this to their customers. Real-time remote monitoring and control of consumers’ homes and their energy consumption will be possible using select smartphones. This collaboration between 4Home and Verizon was showcased during CES 2011 at the Verizon booth.

The beauty of our 4Home offering is that our service provider customers are able to leverage the software and its services for what they need and brand as their own. We work closely with them to ensure they deliver current and future needs to their customers, but ultimately, our customers are in complete control over how they want to leverage 4Home software to fulfill their customer offerings.

Q: Does Motorola have any customers trialing 4Home technologies?
At the 2011 CES, we announced we are leveraging the Verizon 4G LTE Mobile Broadband network. This means it will be possible, using select smartphones, to offer consumers real-time remote monitoring and control of their homes and energy consumption.

4Home has been working with Sensus for the past couple years on an energy management system that can supply utilities with a demand response (DR)/home area network (HAN) offering. The software component was launched in the middle of 2010 and has been sold to a number of utilities; it’s currently in trials globally.

Q: Energy management is talked about quite a bit in the home automation world. How does Motorola Mobility see this market growing and the 4Home integration becoming a more valuable asset?
A: The home represents an incredible opportunity for us to engage with consumers in new ways. We believe that developing and bringing energy management tools to the market will be a huge catalyst in propelling this segment forward. According to Pike Research, by 2015, 28 million homeowners around the world will be using some kind of high-tech tool to manage energy usage.

Integrating 4Home into our overall offerings will ultimately enable consumers to manage their energy consumption in real-time. Consumers will have the ability to receive information about various appliance power usage as well as forecasts of future energy bills. This will empower them with the ability to adjust their energy consumption habits in real-time. We believe efficiently managing home energy consumption is a valuable service for consumers in a world where energy resources are constrained and expensive.

Q: Home security and surveillance, along with mobile health monitoring, are also hot topics in this field. Anything to report on these?
A. We see these exciting areas as opportunities for the 4Home software solution, and there are currently developments underway on the service side. However we are not ready to provide details just yet.