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Themes & Dreams

We had a great time at The Cable Show two weeks ago, as you could likely see from the photos and previous posts.  It was great hearing from industry leaders – customers, partners and competitors alike – about their thoughts on trends and developments in the market.  Here are some of the key themes we saw at this year’s Cable Show:

1)     Personalization – Today, cable and telco providers are searching for ways to provide consumers with personalized content where they want it, when they want it and how they want it – whether it’s on the living room TV, on their tablet device, with their laptop or on their smartphone.  People want the ability to customize and tailor content to their personal preferences, situations and routines. 

2)     The Cloud – Accessing and leveraging the cloud to provide consumers with the best offerings was loud and clear at the show.  Of course, we’ve long believed in the cloud as witnessed by our Cable Show 2010 announcement of a cloud-based home entertainment platform, which now includes our Medios Xperience platform.  It will be interesting to see how the industry truly taps into the powers of the cloud and, ultimately, delivers unmatched experiences for the consumer.  Great to see Comcast doing some interesting stuff in this space with their Xfinity demo during the Thursday General Session. 

3)     TV everywhere – This is a concept that has been talked about for years, but it’s really here now – finally!  With streaming devices like Televation, customers will soon be able to fully practice the concept of the connected home with multi-screen viewing and TV everywhere.  The convergence of home networks and mobile devices is here.

So, what do you think?  What were the most notable themes in your eyes?  What do you dream of doing with these new capabilities?

Converged Experiences in Two Words

Yesterday’s Parks Associates “Connections” event in Santa Clara celebrated the analyst firm’s 25 year anniversary and featured Motorola Mobility’s David Grubb III as the welcome session keynote speaker.  The vice president of architecture and strategy for the Converged Experiences business, David discussed how these experiences are coming to fruition and the benefits to consumers. 

With three key ingredients in place – converged networks, services available via IP and application-capable mobile devices – the converged experiences landscape emerges.  While this enables “anywhere, anytime” access for consumers, what does it really mean in terms of practical usage?

“If you were to sum it up in two words, it would be ‘tablet TV,’” said David. 

He went on to share a few details on Motorola’s new Televation and Medios Xperience offerings, which were announced recently at The Cable Show that offer live TV streaming to a tablet anywhere around the home (Televation) and the tablet as a remote control/alternate content provider (Xperience). 

He also discussed the recent reports in the media touting cord-cutting/cord-shaving as a significant issue in the industry.  David rebuked those claims with some figures showing how the Internet really isn’t there yet in terms of delivery and bandwidth, ultimately demonstrating that traditional delivery mechanisms will continue to be very important for a long time to come.  Additionally, the “media omnivore” consumers who will subscribe to any and every content delivery mechanism are growing in number with the proliferation of “anywhere, anytime” content.    

Ultimately, David reiterated that converged experiences need to be friendly and valuable to consumers, not overwhelming and complicated.  The industry’s greatest challenge will be to gracefully evolve networks and services to deliver these new and exciting offerings.

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New IPTV set-top with ‘click-in’ DVR module

Choosing the flexible option can often be shorthand for choosing the most expensive option. But that’s about to change, with a new set top box from Motorola that lets consumers add video recording capability and capacity by simply installing a DVR module.

The Motorola VIP1853 allows subscribers to upgrade their set top box to an 8GB DVR that supports trick play/pause functionality. Serious media addicts can increase their memory capacity to 160, 320 or 500GB for full featured DVR functionality.

A new era of video and content delivery means that operators are having to adapt to new business models and viewing habits in order to survive. Differentiation in the marketplace is key, as is the ability to cost effectively introduce new services to strengthen relations between service providers and their subscriber. The VIP1853 answers both those needs by reducing set top box deployment costs for operators without compromising on performance.

You can view the full press release announcing the new set-top here.

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Top 5 Tech Articles You Might Have Missed: Week of June 20

Last week’s Cable Show introduced us to an overwhelming amount of new devices, ideas and predictions about the future of technology, as well as showing us how these devices will fit into our homes.  An in-depth Fortune interview with Motorola CEO, Sanjay Jha, explained how smartphones provide the ultimate converged experience and will become the most reliable, convenient and versatile devices we carry. Check out a short video clip below.  Additionally, USA Today and Network World clarified the features and implications of that vague, intangible cloud we’ve been hearing so much about.

 1. Where Apple is vulnerable: Motorola’s view (June 23, 2011) – By Geoff Colvin, Fortune

As smartphones proliferate, Sanjay Jha believes that phones will be “much, much more important” than tablets in people’s lives.

 2. Demystifying cloud computing for consumers (June 22, 2011) – By Scott Martin, USA Today

Apple and Google are each rolling the dice on competing visions of cloud-based media, placing high-stakes bets on digital delivery of entertainment at a time when confusion runs high for such services.

 3. 12 ways the cloud changes everything (June 20, 2011) – By Julie Bort, Network World

Despite fears over reliability and security, enterprises are slowly but steadily moving their applications to the cloud, and the migration is going to change those companies in profound ways.

 4. Motorola launches platform for personalized TV viewing, interaction (June 20, 2011) – By Staff, Indiantelevision.com

Motorola Mobility’s Medios Xperience platform places greater control into consumers’ hands to personalize their TV viewing across multiple devices anywhere

 5. End of the idiot box (June 22, 2011) – By Leo Petaccia, Toro Magazine

Is connected TV better than 3D? As technologies, the two remain frustratingly incomparable, simply because 3D is a technological feature still facing challenges, while Smart TV continues to ride a wave of desire to aggregate our digital lives.


Security for One Billion

You may not be familiar with Motorola’s Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Center, but it’s a group out in San Diego that is recognized for its leadership in content security and is one of the  largest producers of keys and certificates for hardware devices worldwide.

Last month, the PKI center created its one billionth key. When you think of all the devices out there that need content security including tablets, cell phones, cable and satellite set-tops, cable modems, portable media players, two-way radios and more, a one billion milestone sure is huge! 

MMI’s PKI Center helps product teams with digital security issues of all types, including key management, algorithms, infrastructure systems, and designs.  If your product application can benefit from digital security and our PKI Center expertise, contact them at InfoPKI@Motorola.com.  

Top 5 Tech Articles You Might Have Missed: Week of June 13

The long-awaited Cable Show has finally arrived! The two-day conference took place in Chicago bringing together a wealth of information, innovative product launches and an incredible panel of distinguished speakers.

Highlights from the show include appearances from famous celebrities ranging from Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Jill Biden to Paris Hilton. Industry executives such as Motorola’s Sanjay Jha and Dan Maloney discussed the new broadband-equipped home and how new devices will bridge the gap between the home and mobile space.

Check out the top 5 articles from the show below. What was your favorite part of the Cable Show?

1. Motorola CEO: Wires to remain prime delivery system of U.S. media

By Staff, The Wall Street Journal

 2. Motorola Mobility’s Stream Dreams

By Maria Bartiromo, CNBC Closing Bell

 3. Americans watching more TV, thanks to mobile devices, Internet

By Rachel Rice, Chicago Sun-Times

 4. Okay, Okay, Maybe Netflix Is a Problem for Cable After All

By Peter Kafka, All Things Digital

 5. Cable fights to stay relevant in online world

By Marguerite Reardon, CNET

Televation at The Cable Show 2011

Later in the afternoon Televation was featured during a presentation by Frank Pantuso, Senior Product Manager in Motorola Mobility’s Converged Experiences group.  Frank participated in a session on the networked home in “The Park,”  which was well-attended and showcased new solutions for a truly connected home.  See what you missed below.