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Delivering More With What You’ve Got. Service Providers Take Note of the Motorola ST-6000

Making capital investments work as hard as they can is a smart focus for any business, but for broadcasters and service providers, it can mean the difference between being a market leader or one of the chasing pack.

Having the ability to quickly and efficiently roll out new channels and services without having to make significant new investments in infrastructure gives service providers a critical commercial advantage in a competitive market.

Using the new Motorola ST-6000 series multichannel video transcoder from Motorola Mobility, video service providers can significantly reduce the costs associated with delivering high quality video

To continue to increase subscribers and revenues, service providers have to balance the need to offer high-quality video and services with investments in their networks and infrastructure. The ST-6000 offers a way to increase channel offerings and migrate channels from SD to HD video while avoiding costly hardware replacements.

Available in a number of configurations to suit a range of service provider requirements, the ST-6000 really does demonstrate more can be achieved within existing capabilities. That’s smart thinking.

Motorola’s New Statmux Solution Meets the Challenge of Delivering More High Quality Channels for Less Bandwidth

Efficiencies in bandwidth usage and an increase in quality of output are always top priorities for broadcast service providers.  

Faced with ever increasing demand for high-quality/high bandwidth services however, service providers can struggle to deliver more high quality video channels with existing infrastructures.

With the introduction of Motorola Mobility’s closed-loop statistical multiplexer (Statmux), European operators can now deliver significant improvements in video quality for less bandwidth.

For example, if five programs are contained within a multiplex, the 20% bit-rate reduction allows enough space to insert a sixth program without sacrificing video quality. Motorola’s statmux also allows service operators to be flexible, as the feature can be applied to premium content only or across all programs in the multiplex.

Our new statmux, incorporates the Motorola SE-6000 encoder with Motorola’s perceptual video processing (PVP) and its DM-6400 CherryPicker application platform. With Motorola’s unique compression algorithms, the SE-6000 encoder with PVP is capable of achieving the 20% improvement in video quality.

Furthermore, the DM-6400 CherryPicker has been upgraded to not only include the features from the classic CherryPicker design such as ad insertion, but to also include the closed-loop statmux controller. A single DM-6400 can support up to 160Mbs of statmux traffic, which can include any combination of closed-loop multiplexers using the SE-6000 encoders as well as open-loop multiplexers using legacy encoders.

Motorola’s new statmux solution is available now for trials and will be commercially available for EMEA operators and service providers in Q1, 2012.  Those visiting IBC 2011 in Amsterdam can come by the Motorola stand (Hall 1 D31) to chat to our network infrastructure experts and get a demo.