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Quarterly Shipment Numbers: Q3 2011

While we aren’t providing quarterly shipment data for Motorola’s FTTH or home devices, you can find the 2011 Q3 CMTS shipment results below. To review data from previous quarters, click on the “Category” tab to the left and select “Quarterly Shipment Numbers.”

Note: If you are an industry analyst with questions, feel free to drop a line to: kalia.farrell@motorola.com


  • DS Channels 18,411
  • US Channels 26,412

Motorola VAP2400 Now Available to Altibox Customers

Altibox, the Norwegian service provider, will soon bring an enhanced viewing experience to Altibox customers with the Motorola VAP2400 wireless video bridge. Announced back in April, this device wirelessly streams HD video content to multiple TVs throughout the home. To date, the installation of multi-room video services has relied on unsightly wires running through the home, not to mention they tend to be unreliable and costly. Easy to set-up, the VAP2400 enables service providers to reduce installation costs creating cost savings which can be passed directly to the consumer.  Click here for today’s press release.