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Motorola Mobility Launches Device to Help Bring HDTV to the Masses

Motorola Mobility, Inc. today announced the launch of the Motorola High Definition Digital Terminal Adapter (HD-DTA), a small, cost-effective device to help service providers deliver HD content to their basic subscribers. The Motorola HD-DTA is a one-way device that converts an operator’s digital signal in the home so subscribers can view HD content without the […]

New Converged Experiences and 3DTV videos

In the mix of CES last week, I uncovered a few new Motorola Mobility videos of interest. Consumers want to access and exchange content via the Internet and mobile networks. This is influencing people’s expectations to take and consume their content any time and place and driving demand for more immersive, converged experiences. Check out the […]

First Meeting of the 3DTV Working Group

The new 3DTV Working Group kicked off its operations last Saturday with an inaugural meeting at CES. George Winslow of Multichannel News covered the event, and according to his report, the group attracted a large number of companies interested in the future of 3D. That observation jives with what I’ve heard from Motorola execs internally. […]

DTV Transition Adds to Pay-TV Subscriber Numbers

One of my questions leading up to the broadcast digital TV transition was how many OTA TV watchers would make the jump to cable, telco, or satellite service. According to an article by Todd Spangler, the answer is right around 653,000. Analyst Marci Ryvicker has estimates on how that number breaks down across categories too. […]

What to Watch For in the Wake of the DTV Transition

The broadcast transition to digital television that finally takes place today in the US has some interesting incidental implications. If you’ve gotten through the transition itself okay, there are a few things to watch for in the aftermath. First is the dumping of old secondary TVs that have taken up space in kitchens and basements […]