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Femtocell in a Photo Frame

Motorola has taken femtocell innovation to the next level with a new CDMA femtocell prototype which integrates a CDMA femtocell with a digital touchscreen picture frame and VOIP soft phone to enhance end-user experience and improve overall radio performance. This form factor allows a consumer to deploy a femtocell in a central location in their living environment without looking […]

Femtocell Research Updates

An article up at Unstrung this week (via Broadband Reports) quotes new research from Heavy Reading on commercial femtocell services. The HR study results jive with some of what I heard back in the spring on femtocell deployments, but not all. I’m curious about the results because they are not broken out by region, leaving […]

Femtocell Study – More than 40% Would Buy Femtocell Service in the Next Year

Motorola has a European study due out this week on consumer mindsets around femtocell service. With results from an online survey of 1,800 consumers across six European countries, the final report from the study tracks some obvious and some surprising conclusions. For example, more than three quarters of respondents had never heard of femtocells, which […]

Femtocell Primer

There’s a lot going on this week and next. Both NXTcomm and the WiMAX Forum Global Congress are taking place now, with SCTE following next week. Expect some heavy posting here as I do my best to keep up with all that’s going on. Before addressing the flood of news, here’s a quick primer with […]

Femtocells – Region by Region

As referenced yesterday, I sat down with a Motorola exec recently to get an update on the femtocell market. One of my big takeaways from the conversation was that the market varies widely from region to region. That shouldn’t be a surprise given the landscape of the mobile industry, but still the differences were far […]