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Updates on RFOG in ’09 (Don’t Go Glassy-Eyed)

Despite certain lagging indicators in the cable industry, RFOG seems likely to get a boost in 2009 as operators spend money building out their commercial services offerings. The RF-over-Glass technology falls in the sweet spot between “cost-effective” (cheap now) and “revenue generating” (FTTP enables future higher-tier services), and is getting more attention of late. While […]

RFOG Launched?

Earlier this week the SCTE officially launched its standards effort around RFOG. I’m not entirely sure what this milestone means (officially launched an effort?) , but it’s certainly true that cable is getting more serious about fiber. Meantime, if you need a recap on RF Over Glass (and how cable operators get from there to […]

RFOG and Marketing Fiber-to-the-Home

There’s a (relatively) new acronym making the rounds: RFOG, or RF Over Glass. In brief, RFOG is a category term for technology that lets cable operators use traditional back-office cable equipment with new fiber-to-the-home deployments. In greenfield situations, even cable operators want to put fiber in the ground, but they’d rather not pay for the […]

Motorola Hits SCTE with New Upstream Bandwidth Solution

The first wave of Motorola press releases for SCTE Cable-Tec Expo has hit the wires. Among them are announcements of new RF technology, new fiber-deep and CablePON solutions, and Motorola’s first major RF-over-Glass (RFOG) customer deployment. I’ll try to cover all of the news in some detail in the coming days, but for the moment […]

Fiber to the Home Conference and Perspectives

The 2009 FTTH Conference and Expo starts up next week with sessions covering everything from broadband stimulus proposals, to MDU delivery, to RFOG. I won’t be making the Houston trip, but Motorola will certainly be there. In fact, the first pre-show press release from Motorola went out yesterday – a GPON deal with Middleburgh Telephone […]