Best MOBA Games Similar to League of Legends (LOL) for Android

It’s not surprising that online team games are so popular nowadays. The genre’s popularity has been partly due to its extensive gameplay and work required in mastering this type of game, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).

Teamwork is vital in eSports as it requires a balance of power with the rapport between the players. Not only do these games generate fellowship among supporters, but they also make up one strong union and lead to feelings that support each other both at home or on the professional level.

Many games of the MOBA genre are now available for mobile devices, but there is still some demand to see a few more. If you like playing LOL or Dota 2 on your PC, these titles will likely have similar gameplay and mechanics, so if they do not exist yet on Android, then it may be worth checking out one of their competitors!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

You know that excitement you feel when the opportunity to play a good game presents itself? Mobile Legends is one of those games. As soon as it installs, and takes only two hours for players to get lost in its heroes, gameplay graphics, or skills controls- everything about this game starts to like! It’s one of the best MOBAs currently on Android, so don’t miss out: The search time between rivals averages 10 minutes, with an average match lasting around ten minutes long.

Arena of Valor: Arena 5v5

Arena of Valor is a stunning MOBA developed by Tencent Games that you can download for your mobile device. We have heroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonderwoman to choose from if we want to battle in the arena as they are all playable here! Arena of Valor has one unique feature: it’s a crossover with DC comics which makes this game stand out among many other MOBAs releasing on Play Store today.


Vainglory is a fun, free MOBA with high-quality graphics and precise controls. There is 120 FPS compatibility, so it’s perfect for the new 90Hz+ screens we’re seeing on smartphones these days. This game has more than 48 heroes, each with unique combos and exclusive animations, which update periodically to add even more variety!

Heroes Arena

Heroes Arena offers a plethora of features for players to enjoy. You can play 1v1, 3 vs 3, or 5 vs 5 games, and there are 20 different heroes with their own abilities. There are also five special skills from the team leaders that you need too!

This MOBA is full of challenges and excitement for players on the go. Its low-end requirements will give you a smooth gameplay experience even if your phone only has 2GB of RAM or 1.5 GB ROM space, which many phones these days don’t have because they are so expensive! You can play Zombie Rush mode, where each victory against bosses earns prizes that help level up faster, giving an advantage in Classic 5 vs with zombies to defeat too.

ShellFire – MOBA FPS

This game provides mobile gamers affordable options without compromising quality as it runs smoothly on smartphones with Android 4.4+ and at least 2GB of RAM/1 .5 GB ROM storage capacity; its graphics make for interesting ways like the zombie rush bonus mode–defeating zombie boss opponents grants.

Heroes of Order & Chaos

Heroes of Order & Chaos is a MOBA with loads to offer, boasting over 57 different characters at the moment. We have 3vs3 and 5vs5 multiplayer modes as well as steampunk style battles in both formats. In addition to these classic options, we also have some more creative game types like Fun Mode for showing off skills or Dynamic Camera that lets you watch your teammates fight live.

Heroes Evolved

League of Legends is a competitive game that can be played with as few or many players on one team. The complexity level rivals most PC games, and we have 50 characters to choose from, among which the legendary Bruce Lee will amaze you with his moves in kung fu combat! We can equip our heroes with different armaments such as swords, shields, and potions. You also get to customize your hero’s appearance by picking their skin color! Who knew this iconic figure could look so cuddly? League of legends’ gameplay was designed for people who want more than just an arcade-style experience – it has all types of modes: qualifiers where you battle opponents head-to-head until there’s only one victor; casual.

Dungeon Hunter Champions

A deep world of heroes awaits you in this MOBA. With over 250 champions to choose from, your team will have the perfect champion for every situation and enemy! You can join a community where others are gathering information on how best to deal with those pesky giants like Bull Demon King or Elder Dragon. To make sure that all members of our combat teams feel empowered we’ve made it so players can ascend to new levels which greatly improve their skillsets

Paladins Strike

As a MOBA with few pretensions, this offers classic 5vs5 battles. Each match can be played in one of 15 different game modes, and you’ll choose from the 30 playable characters that are designed to complement each other perfectly while also giving them your own unique flair by customizing their skin color or changing up which weapon they use.

Awakening of Heroes

Awakening of Heroes is the newest MOBA to come out, and we can get early access. It’s a bit different than most MOBAs because it mixes characteristics from other genres like fashion games (Battle Royale), as well as lifelong MOBAS such as 5vs5 gameplay in various game modes with unusual heroes who all have special abilities that don’t require talking or being part animal/plant hybrids. This exciting new concept requires teamwork and strategy for players to achieve their goals, making this one of our favorite upcoming games!

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