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Top 5 Tech Articles You Might Have Missed – Week of Jan. 9

Photo by Engadget

The 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show is wrapping up! This week, hundreds of companies showcased new products and technologies in Las Vegas, including Motorola Mobility. Here’s a quick look at some of our highlights from the 2012 show.

Engadget covered our Connected Home Gateway and featured it in a video demo.  Phandroid and The New York Post raved about Motorola Televation, which allows users to view TV on their Wi-Fi capable companion devices creating a “TV in every room” experience, even getting billing above Justin Bieber in the Post article!

Several of our executives participated in thought-provoking panel discussions at the show. International Business Times quoted David Grubb, Vice President of Architecture & Strategy for Motorola’s Converged Experiences business, on the importance of standards for next-gen TVs. Leon Hounshell, Division General Manager for Motorola Mobility’s 4Home Connected Solutions, discussed how broadband has infiltrated the home energy market at the CES Connections Summit; see some of his insightful comments on the Verizon at Home blog and in our Twitter feed.  While you’re there, follow us so you can stay abreast of all our exciting news in 2012. CES is just the start!  

1. Motorola Connected Home Gateway tour (video) (Jan. 11) By Brian Heater, Engadget: When we first told you about Motorola’s Connected Home Gateway, it was little more than a picture of a cool looking router. Thankfully, however, the company has been giving tours of the technology on the floor of CES, showing off the way it brings together such things as climate control, home security and automation.

2. Motorola Televation Streams Live TV from Your Cable Provider to Your Android Device (Jan. 11) By Kevin Krause, Phandroid: Motorola was showing off much more than smartphones and tablets at their CES booth. Their theme was “do more,” and one way in which they want to help consumers achieve this goal is through their new Televation product.

3. Motorola Televation the next revelation (Jan. 12) By Garrett Sloane, New York Post: Motorola Mobility is laying the groundwork for a Google invasion of the living room. Beyond smartphones, the $12.5 billion pending Motorola acquisition will hand Google control of one of the top makers of cable set-top box technology.

4. CES 2012: Industry Pros Demand Standards for Next-Generation Internet TVs (Jan. 11) By David Zielenziger, International Business Times: A group of top technology professionals involved with Internet TV, including VPs of Yahoo, Cisco Systems and Western Digital, warned Wednesday that consumer acceptance will falter unless industry standards are adopted. With virtually half all new TVs equipped for Internet transmission, the lack of standards presents technical problems that need to be solved quickly, they said at a panel on the Future of TV at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

5. Consumers Are Driving Smarter Energy (Jan. 11) By Alberto Canal, Verizon at Home blog: In addition to the myriad big, loud booths, wildly dressed presenters, and the sheer volume of humanity weaving through it all, the Consumer Electronics Show also hosts a variety of tech-centric panel discussions… One of the panels I attended discussed “Consumer Demand for Energy as a Service.” Broadband has opened the home energy market beyond traditional utility companies and energy service providers, the discussion highlighted. Panelists discussed barriers to effective use and deployment of smart meters, raising consumer awareness around energy, all while keeping it simple and easy.

See more of Leon’s comments on the Motorola Mobility Home account Twitter feed, @MotoMedia2Go.

Motorola Mobility Booth Photos @ CES 2012

Motorola Mobility is showcasing its lastest innovations in home and mobile devices at CES this week. Check out some photos from our booth below or, if you are at the show, stop by and see us in booth #8644.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Top 5 Tech Articles You Might Have Missed – Week of Jan. 2

It’s that time of year again – the 2012 CES is less than a week away! Next week, thousands of companies, bloggers, analysts and techies from around the world will convene in Las Vegas to discuss hot new products and industry trends.

The tech industry is constantly buzzing about what to expect in 2012 – Jeff Kagan from Tech News World believes TV will continue evolving into a platform where we can surf the Web, play games and instantly download and watch movies. USA Today’s Mark Smith and CNET’s Harry McCracken predict some major video content deals on the horizon as viewers continue to stream movies and TVs from set-top boxes and other gadgets. With the emergence of connected TVs and streaming set-tops, could DVDs become obsolete?

During CES, Motorola Mobility will showcase its new Connected Home Gateway, in which powerful processing and 4Home technology come together to deliver the connected home the way it was meant to be: smart and simple. Home control, home security and energy management are made easy for consumers and service providers. We’re looking forward to learning more about converged experiences and home automation at the conference next week. What do you expect to see at CES?

1. Eight things I’m looking forward to seeing at CES (Dec. 30) By Harry McCracken, CNET: CES may be imperfect, but it remains by far the best single place on the planet to take the pulse of the consumer-electronics business. 

2. CES 2012: The End of an Era (Jan. 5) By Jeff Kagan, Tech News World: Television is transforming itself and blending with other technologies. Companies that lead today may not tomorrow. That means television manufacturers, as well as new and existing television service providers.

3. TV predictions for CES – and 2012 (Jan. 4) By Gary Merson, GadgetBox: With 2011 now in the history books, and the Consumer Electronics Show next week, it’s time again to look forward to new products for the home.

4. CES: Motorola Hooks Up Smart-Home Hub (Jan. 5) By Todd Spangler, Multichannel News: Motorola Mobility will roll out a device it touts will act as the brains of the connected home of the future at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

5. Six tech trends to watch in 2012 (Jan. 3) By Mark Smith, USA Today: For tech companies, 2011 was feast or famine. Looking ahead, here are some things to keep an eye on in 2012.

The Smart Home—in a Box

The Connected Home has arrived. If you’ve been following the news, or if you’re a Verizon FIOS customer, you’ve probably heard about Motorola’s work with Verizon in the rollout of its new Home Monitoring and Control service which lets you remotely monitor your home, control devices and appliances, and manage your energy consumption.

The Managed Home Solutions team at Motorola wasn’t content to sit on its laurels. Its new Connected Home Gateway makes the smart home even smarter. And that means a simpler experience for consumers. The awards committee at CEA took note, recognizing it with a CES 2012 Innovations Honoree Award.

The Connected Home Gateway is truly plug-and-play. With the push of a button, consumers wirelessly pair the devices in their home and connect them to the cloud for local or remote management on a TV, smartphone, PC, tablet, etc. A powerful 1.2 GHz processor paired with Motorola’s open 4Home software platform supports and abstracts a host of standards and protocols, hiding the complexity of multiple disparate devices on the home network.

For the back end, Motorola’s on-board EDGE™ Service Assurance software lets operators deliver support, proactive quality assurance and service activation in real-time, meaning faster, more efficient customer service.

Motorola’s 2011 Media Engagement Barometer shows that 36 percent of the global respondents would like their communications provider, instead of home security alarm companies or utility providers, to supply a home automation service.

For operators looking to expand their offerings, home monitoring, control and energy management applications represent a big growth opportunity. So take note operators. That sound you hear is opportunity knocking.

Motorola is showcasing the new 4Home Connected Home Gateway at CES 2012, Booth #8644. Drop by and take a look.

The Connected Home, by Motorola and Verizon

It’s here. Check out Verizon’s Home Monitoring and Control service suite that launched this week. 

The team at Motorola 4Home has been breathing in smart home all week–turning on and off lights with their PCs, running setup wizards with TV remotes and adjusting thermostats with smartphones. All to make sure it’s been thoroughly tested. 

The Motorola 4Home platform is powering Verizon’s new services. You’ll find our embedded software platform on each gateway that ships with the Verizon service kits. This software talks to our portal server in the cloud to let you to control and manage your home’s devices–on your PC, FiOS TV, smartphone and eventually tablet. 

Upgrade your house to a smart home today, and let us know what kinds of features you’d like to see in the future. In the meanwhile,  check out today’s press release  and take a look at the following video for a preview of our latest work.

Top 5 Tech Articles You Might Have Missed: Week of July 18

Graphic credit: Mashable

Last week’s spike in Netflix prices left subscribers outraged, but also at a loss. Thankfully, Gizmodo provided a handy list of alternatives to fill the void that Netflix left. This week, Verizon partnered with Motorola’s 4Home division to provide home security and monitoring services. This allows users to check the status of their homes remotely via their mobile devices. Also, interactive TV began engaging consumers through their companion devices, too. Companies like Shazam and SnapPing can now target viewers while they watch TV through interactive mobile applications.

Social media continues to play a large role in how we consume entertainment. Can you believe more than 7,000 tweets were sent when Japan won the World Cup?

1. How to Ditch Netflix and Still Watch (Almost) Everything You Want (July 17, 2011) – By Adrian Covert, Gizmodo: You’re outraged that Netflix’s price hike has stolen your cheap movie rentals. Now what? Here’s how to replace Netflix in your life, from streaming to shiny plastic discs.

2. Unlock or unplug remotely with home automation (July 20, 2011) – By Jonathan Takiff, Philadelphia Inquirer: On your way out of town and forgot to adjust the AC? There’s a way to fix that remotely. Verizon has fine-tuned the system with automation specialist 4Home, a Motorola company.

3. Interactive TV Moves to Second Screen (July 18, 2011) – Todd Spangler, Multichannel News: Call it over-the-top TV advertising. Companies are pitching TV networks and advertisers on a new way to deliver interactive content to viewers — via smartphones and tablet devices.

4. How big data could change what you watch on TV (July 20, 2011) – By Ryan Lawler, GigaOM:
Los Angeles-based startup What’s Watched aggregates data from social media and mobile applications to provide media companies with a view into what shows are being watched and who’s watching them.

5. Women’s World Cup Breaks All-Time Tweet Record (July 18, 2011) – Erik Malinowski, Wired: As the biggest prize in women’s soccer was decided on penalty kicks, Twitter users around the world smashed the nearly seven-month-old record for highest TPS (that’s tweets per second).

2011 CTIA Booth Photos

I just received some great booth photos from the CTIA Show last week. Along with Motorola Mobility phones and tablets, Motorola 4Home was also there doing demos. Check out the booth photos below: