How to Make FaceTime Calls on an Apple TV

In this post, we will tell you all about how to make video calls through FaceTime on your TV. You can get a new experience for virtual meetings by using the big screen in your living room or bedroom and connect with anyone who has an iPhone, iPad, or Mac via Apple TV.

The video call will be made through FaceTime, the service that Apple offers exclusively for its devices. For this reason, you need an iPhone or Mac to use it! In addition to having this application integrated and activated with your settings, they also have a camera that allows your interlocutors to see you as well.

FaceTime is a popular app for video-calling, and it can be used on an iPhone or iPad. To activate FaceTime go to Settings> FaceTime, make sure you are logged in with your Apple ID as well if not already done so. The Mac version of the app requires that once opened, you need to log into the application itself again if needed. Keep in mind that whereas iPhones have cameras built-in; regular old computers like MacBooks do not.

In order to use FaceTime video calls, you will need a fourth or fifth-generation Apple TV. It must be properly configured on the television that is being used for videoconferencing in HD (or preferably 4K). If your current device can’t meet this requirement, it would still suffice to have either: a “Smart Television” that’s compatible with AirPlay 2; OR any other Smart Device – like iPad Pro 12.9-inch model! Let Siri guide you through set-up instructions and enjoy high-quality face time without ever needing to plug anything into the wall again.

Make FaceTime with an Apple TV or a Smart TV

The process for making a video call is straightforward. The best way to do it on television, because both your Apple TV and the TV don’t have cameras themselves, is that you use an iPhone or iPad with screen share enabled so that what’s seen in those devices will be mirrored onto the big screen. You should also bear in mind while doing this – as people watching through other devices won’t see anything directly from where you are seated but rather whatever shows up on their own device instead- make sure not to miss any of what’s happening around you!

You can make video calls more comfortably through your television if you end the option to share the screen. Steps include: activating, following prompts in order to activate, and ending once finished with a call.

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